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Monday, August 19th, 2019

I write software and record music.

I’ve been a bit slow with recording bands for a while. Recording credits include Wifey – Other People’s Money and Monsters’ Rights, go/no-go – Holding Pattern and Autofocus. I still think this one came out pretty good. It would be fun to do a bit more of this sort of thing.

I’ve also performed with, recorded or variously assisted Sydney bands The Accidents, The Handsome Young Strangers, Peachfield, Where’s Jerome, Meaneither…

Solo work includes the A Map the Size of the Kingdom album, and a few video clips. I’m also doing electronic live shows around Sydney, and I’m plotting a few more collaborations soon.

Some of my audio effects are available for Reaper, Mod Duo and Owl platforms. The Floaty delay, Avocado glitcher and Paranoia digital mangler all seem to be popular, and I’m just starting to work on some new ideas.

I am based in Sydney, Australia, and can be contacted via email on dan @


simple creatures EP released

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

and so, years later, i finally decided to put out this solo thing:

most of this is hacked together from tracker experiments – the oldest elements date back to probably 2002.

really proud of this, i’m not sure why i didn’t release it earlier.

ETI 3600 post #3

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Ok. Finally had a chance to pop the lid off this thing and get some probes on it.

1: The keyboard circuit works.
2: The oscillators appear to not work.
3: This could be because I think something flaked out on the power supply while I was trying to get at the oscillator boards. Some of the voltages are wrong now.

I’ve decided to pull the whole thing apart, clean it up and plug-ify each module – it’s way too hard to get at anything, and there’s cruft everywhere.



Monday, January 25th, 2010

i just got this stupid website working again (the admin pages were broken). now i have 2,246 comments waiting for approval (of which 2,216 are probably spam).

so, yeah. i might get onto that now.