ETI 3600 post #3

Ok. Finally had a chance to pop the lid off this thing and get some probes on it.

1: The keyboard circuit works.
2: The oscillators appear to not work.
3: This could be because I think something flaked out on the power supply while I was trying to get at the oscillator boards. Some of the voltages are wrong now.

I’ve decided to pull the whole thing apart, clean it up and plug-ify each module – it’s way too hard to get at anything, and there’s cruft everywhere.


5 thoughts on “ETI 3600 post #3”

  1. Yep, sorta – I handed it over to someone with more time and a more appropriate skill-set, and they’ve been making good progress tearing it down and building it back up bit-by-bit.

    I’m catching up with him soon, will post progress once I know where it’s at 🙂

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