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bliptracker – nds drum machine



click here to download BLIPTRACKER v1.0c

bliptracker is my free (and open-source) nintendo ds-based drum machine, synth and sequencer, intended for live performance.

bliptracker is stable, runs happily on most nintendo ds flash cards (tested working on R4DS and supercard), and supports custom sounds (up to four sets of six samples per ‘sample-set’).

as with any homebrew please backup your flash card before installation or use.


  • unzip to flash card. make sure the bliptracker folder unzips to the root of the card, so you have a folder called \bliptracker\samples – bliptracker.nds can go anywhere, though.
  • DLDI PATCH the BLIPTRACKER.NDS file – go HERE and look for “dldi win32 right click”
  • default sounds are provided, but can be replace by 16 bit 11kHz-32kHz mono wave files named bd.wav, sn.wav, hh.wav, xx.wav, yy.wav, zz.wav. keep samples small for best performance.
  • operating instructions are on top screen. basic instructions: select and start are stop/start, use the bottom screen to fire beats manually and directional pad and buttons to control sequencer.

made with and developer tools. Source code (GPL) – requires devkitpro r20, libdsmi, most recent palib + some minor tweaks to get it to compile against r20 (check the palib formums or mail me).

known issues: tempo doesn’t stay synced – need to disconnect audio from video refresh | tap tempo is a bit weird | max. 15 files in file dialogs | bad wav files can crash bliptracker

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31 Responses to “bliptracker – nds drum machine”

  1. rcon303 Says:

    hi there
    this program looks cool! when i load it in my ds (dstt micro flash) i can see the yinyang for a split sec then they cant be loaded either. any help?when i expanded the zip on the flashcard i used ttmenu\bliptracker\samples but no sound. the theremin works though.

  2. Says:

    have you dldi patched the bliptracker.nds file? contact me if you need more information on how to do this.

    also, some dldi drivers can’t handle long file names properly (“bliptracker” is more than 8 letters) – i’ll release a new version at some point that looks for a different folder name.


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  4. file13 Says:

    i have the same problem with the yin and yang symbols showing up but then disappearing, i patched the .nds file with the dldi (i have an r4ds) yet it still doesnt work, any ideas?

  5. Says:

    i think the problem is where you’ve put the files on your card.

    you can put the bliptracker.nds file anywhere, but the bliptracker folder (with the samples subfolders etc) needs to be in the root folder (i.e., right at the top). if you put it in \homebrew\bliptracker it won’t work, it’s gotta be right at the first level on the card.

  6. file13 Says:

    aha! i didnt read the read-me (ironic?) but i put them in the correct file structure and it works like a charm, this app is badass keep it up! question though, is there a way to edit the drum pad yin and yang things or perhaps make your own theme for the program?

  7. Says:


    after i get dsmcu (elsewhere on this site) skinnable & released i’ll probably port those changes back to bliptracker, but i won’t have time to work on that for ages. it’s on the list, though.

  8. lOGE Says:

    great! i have a DSTT card and it works perfectly! (without any patch or something. i just unzipped and was ready to go)

    louder playback would be nice 😉

    greetings from austria 🙂

  9. Says:

    the volume is based on the samples.

    if you hold down both trigger buttons, the directional pad selects different drum sets. the ‘down’ set is much louder than the others.

  10. Michael Says:

    I wanna say THANK YOU for this great, freaky little program!
    i love to use it!

    my biggest hope:
    Please (!!!!!!!!!!) gimme more “solo” soundsamples and options.

    This analog feeling is sooooo cool!
    Amazing, funny, crazy!


  11. charles Says:


  12. charles Says:

    also, sorry with the caps…. don’t know what happened there…….

  13. sequencist Says:

    I replaced the existing sample files with 16bit-33hz-mono wav files. but it seems not to be recognized by the software — the buttons dissapear. Is there any other restrictions on the file format the software can use?

  14. Says:

    weird marker blocks or other meta data might be confusing my wav loader, i’ll check it out

  15. Kaledean Says:

    Great little prog. Any word on an update?

  16. Jeremy Drummond Says:

    Sometimes symbols showing up but then disappearing, how to fix that? It pisses me off, please help!

  17. Says:

    if the symbols disappear but everything else is still running, then that means the program can’t load the wav files linked to that symbol. if this happens all the time, it usually means that your card is corrupt or the program isn’t DLDI patched. if it happens *sometimes*, it might mean that your flash card has a problem, or it might not be inserted correctly. i’d try it again with a new sd card and see if the problem goes away (do you have problems with any other software?)

  18. Joe Says:

    Okay, your program looks amazing!

    I just really want to be able to use it though! :S

    Please could you tell me in really basic easy to understand lanuguage what i have to do to get this program to work… I understand you have to use DLDI etc… But i dont know what that means! :'(

    Have done what you said in your installation description… do not understand how to open a command prompt in the directory… But i don’t know what im doing in general…

    Please help!

    You can mail me if you like with my email address provided.


    Thanks…. Joe

  19. nat Says:

    this application loks great, except when i download it and try to open the zip file it says the file is invalid or corrupt? any ideas?

  20. Says:

    file seems to be fine – try clearing your browser cache and downloading it again?

  21. Paul Andre Says:

    What a nice theme


  22. TJ Says:

    How Do you Patch The DLDi Thingy?

  23. Says:

    google for DLDI. the top hit will have full instructions and a program you can download that’ll do what you need.

  24. Hisoul Says:

    Grreeeeaaaat!!! One of my most favourites app…

  25. Morden Says:

    Tried it on my DS Lite, using a R4 flash device. Everything runs perfectly fine, and here’s a video to prove it:

    With many homebrew apps, it’s important to place them in the root of your flash memory, preserving the original directory structure, so that the program can fins all the files. Placing homebrew software in subdirectories may cause problems.

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  29. Bloodyboy22 Says:

    For Those Who Have Problems With Bliptracker, This Would Fix The Problem,
    Put All Bliptracker Files In The Root Of Your Card(which is bliptracker.nds and bliptracker folder, if not it will not load files)
    (Do Not Place Bliptracker In The Sub-folder or Sub-directory if you do it will not work only the screen without the yingyang logo’s (beats)

    I Hope I Helped

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