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jul/07: too long since last update. new song on the sounds page though. oh, the vox i bought is really nice.

14/nov/06: i put a new song up on my myspace page. but i can't remember the URL. also, my marshall amp blew up, so i bought a vox.

23/aug/06: *busy*. but i have a nintendo ds w/ fun audio toys, and i've been working on music, and some of it sounds pretty good to me. so i guess things are going okay.

24/jun/06: music files are down at the moment; been working on lots of solo music, + accidents album is finished, lots of inspiration. i want one of these

26/jan/06: stuff is different now.

16/jan/06: nothing new written over christmas; got some more stuff down tonight. i'm getting back into it.

16/dec/05: fatigue like velvet. the next two weeks are an officially designated holiday period, and holidays mean time spent in my vortex, tweaking bass drums for hours.

please keep that cake away from me.

why wont google index me? maybe i need to leave out treats for the robots to snack on in-between pages.

12/nov/05: ran out of inspiration; updated webpage.

??/???/05: "so, this album i'm working on. i have about 35 minutes of stuff that's maybe 90% finished. or something."

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