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want: line6 tcddk!

Friday, August 15th, 2008

line6 tcddk

line6 are releasing a dsp guitar stomp box devkit! i can’t wait til this thing launches, i’m already getting crazy ideas.

(also: i move into a new flat in about two weeks, regular development work is going to start up again pretty soon after that, sorry about the delay on everything…)

update: apparently there’s this thing as well that looks interesting: openstomp

update2: more awesome stuff i want to play with:

update3: some more info on the tonecore ddk, scrounged from the freescale website: (giant pdf thing) – short version, there’s 4Mb+ of onboard RAM (8 banks of 512kb plus whatever’s onboard the DSP), and it’s rated at about 100Mips. 24 bit. doesn’t look like there’s any FPU onboard, bah.

list of ds music apps

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

i’ve put together a list of homebrew ds music apps. pretty sure i’ve gotten most of the main ones but if i’ve left anything off let me know via the comments and i’ll update it.

edit: added heaps more, thanks for the submissions!