solo music package #2 – start waiting

i think this is #2, anyway. should start getting pretty interesting by #5 or so.

these date back to 2005-2006.

1: please wait
[audio:daniel arena – please wait.mp3]

2: keep starting (a collaboration w/ rachel holmshaw, cheers!)
[audio:daniel arena – keep starting.mp3]

3: scissors
[audio:daniel arena – scissors.mp3]

(i’ve given up on picking a catchy name to release this stuff under, i figure my actual one will do for the time being)

fun with lychees

band pic - go/no-go

get a nice big tin of lychees in syrup (this may possibly work with rambutans as well)

» cocktail #1:
all the lychee syrup
150mL stolichnaya or 42 below vodka (or whatever)
rose flavouring? i guess if you have some handy that could work.

throw it in a cocktail shaker; shake and serve in a martini glass (maybe with a tiny chunk of turkish delight?)

» cocktail #2:
all the remaining lychees
150mL vodka
lots of ice

blend until slushy and drink