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solo music package #2 – start waiting

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

i think this is #2, anyway. should start getting pretty interesting by #5 or so.

these date back to 2005-2006.

1: please wait
[audio:daniel arena – please wait.mp3]

2: keep starting (a collaboration w/ rachel holmshaw, cheers!)
[audio:daniel arena – keep starting.mp3]

3: scissors
[audio:daniel arena – scissors.mp3]

(i’ve given up on picking a catchy name to release this stuff under, i figure my actual one will do for the time being)

fun with lychees

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

band pic - go/no-go

get a nice big tin of lychees in syrup (this may possibly work with rambutans as well)

» cocktail #1:
all the lychee syrup
150mL stolichnaya or 42 below vodka (or whatever)
rose flavouring? i guess if you have some handy that could work.

throw it in a cocktail shaker; shake and serve in a martini glass (maybe with a tiny chunk of turkish delight?)

» cocktail #2:
all the remaining lychees
150mL vodka
lots of ice

blend until slushy and drink

the first in a potentially long sequence of dodgy cocktail recipes

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

2 medium-sized pears
200mL of apple cider or sparkling apple juice or something
150mL of zubrowka (bison) vodka
50mL of medos (honey) vodka
big handful of ice

blend until it looks like a daiquiri. optionally layer with a tiny bit of fresh cream and then top with cinnamon power. serve in whatever you have handy.