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‘towards programmed intellectual nothing’ album released

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

all new. made in a week.

i wanted to record an album that sounded unfamiliar to me. so i chose some constraints that would prevent me from getting too connected.

this set was sequenced from solo, single-take hardware jams recorded to two-track with minimal editing and post-processing, mostly between 18-24 sept 2016. everything was mashed out live into sequencers with nothing prepared apart from a few rhythms.

so there’s a bunch of mistakes and clipping and leakage and analog grunge printed in. you can maybe sense the terror in the second half of some of these tracks as i desperately hang on.

‘cave art’ album released

Friday, September 16th, 2016

mostly ancient stuff.

un was derived from hacked-up bits of old tracks. this is just the raw feed. some of these tracks themselves are reworks of older cast-offs. recursion!

some tracks are designed to loop forever, so they sequence a bit weirdly.