various things

just a couple of things

a couple of us got together to do a totally improvised live electronic set at a gallery opening a few weeks back – three keyboards, two iphones and some effects. it came out pretty good, i edited it down to an hour or so and uploaded it to soundcloud here:

coincidentally, one of the iphones was running drumtrack8 from simpleisbeautiful – great little app, very “live” programmable and some decent built-in sounds.

some awesome blog posts on DSP theory (er… and sound design in mayan temples) appearing on valhalladsp, thought i’d give it a bump: this guy did the excellent eos reverb and valhalla freq echo plugins, and there’s some excellent info in there.

also, autechre were awesome live, new version of reaper is good, and i’ve been slack finishing off the new go/no-go EP because i’ve been very very busy. oh well.

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