another little effect…

i’ve put together another little JS audio processor for reaper. this one is called ‘paranoia’, and it’s a harsh digital mangler (with bonus bugs!) and a bunch of soft clippers and filters bolted onto it. it started off being modeled on a little hardware digital fx unit going around at the moment but the signal chain ended up evolving into something quite a bit different.

here’s an audio example (updated link, works now! updated 2012: oops, broken again)… crunchiness everywhere.

doesn’t work great on all sources, but does the trick on percussion tracks. the multimode filter in there is pretty nasty as well.

more info (including instructions and presets) and a download link up at the reaper site here:

this effect can be used in other DAWs, you just need to get the cockos effect pack and there’s a JS interpreter VST in there. apparently. that’s what i heard, anyway. comment if you get stuck.

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