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‘avocado’, ‘floaty’ js effects demo

i’ve uploaded a quick demo of some of the free js effects i’ve built for reaper (linked here, click for more info)


this is just a quick guitar improvisation, played into two instances of floaty and one of avocado, streamed live to disk – no offline edits or effects except for a limiter were added to this.

update: i’ve just updated all of the effects, here’s a demo of avocado tempo sync’ed to some drums:


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5 Responses to “‘avocado’, ‘floaty’ js effects demo”

  1. Jason Brian Merrill Says:

    dude you kick arse

  2. Jon Says:

    Wow. Sounds awesome with the drums!

  3. Says:

    p.s.: velociroflcoptersaurus

  4. Kumquat Jeebus Says:

    The ‘floaty’ audiodemo transports me to the realm of Diablo 2. I’m staring down Charsi’s shirt and Kashya’s a bit pissed that I am flirting with Charsi instead of killing some quill rats.

    Oh well. =)

  5. Says:

    we don’t talk about diablo ii round these parts…. that’s months of my life, GONE