another dsmcu progress report

these screenshots are both from the same .nds file, just with different skins (everything you see is functional except the knobs on the 303).

dsmcu preview dsmcu preview

at the moment it’s running at 30fps – i’ll set it up so that it’ll run at 60fps in single-screen mode soon.

11 thoughts on “another dsmcu progress report”

  1. This is cool !

    Awsome work dude…. keep workin!

    I’m Lead audio for a game dev studio of activision called Beenox in quebec city canada…good idea man…KEEP GOING ON!

  2. thanks!

    right now everything is on hold for a couple of days – i’m moving house this week and it looks like there’s a memory leak somewhere (plus a weird midi feedback loop or something), so i won’t be able to put a new version out for a bit. i’m guessing i should have a new public version out in about a month?

  3. works perfectly with cubase 4 – even the meters – really fantastic ds software!!! A button = rec and B button = stop would be perfect…is there a new release? Thanks.

  4. good to hear the meters work in cubase!

    have been tinkering with it but a new release is still a little way off (it’s definitely still happening though)


  5. to be honest, i’ve just been too flat with my day job and trying to get my band’s album finished out to touch ANY of this stuff for a while

    i’m going to try and spend a day or two of my (very brief) xmas break to try and get a few things happening. will probably get a new beta out for dsmcu plus a recompile of bliptracker, and i’ll try and get both to use the new dsmi library (i.e. OSC compatibility).

  6. oh, and there’s a new version of the nds support library out, so i’ll try and migrate to that and see what happens. and might roll my own png library to see if i can get that working better. etc.

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