dsmcu – quick update for end of june

work is continuing on dsmcu. here’s what is in the new version so far:

  • now requires dldi patching.
  • the entire application is fully skinnable using text files (maybe xml) csv text files and png graphics. *DONE*
  • skinning extends to the midi commands (midi data sent or monitored for feedback) supported – this should allow the device to be used as a generic midi controller. there will be a number of basic control types available.
  • support for multiple layouts, selectable from L/R triggers. *DONE* (memory limits on how many backgrounds can be loaded, though)
  • layouts supported will include: standard mcu control, simplified/expanded mcu control (e.g. big transport), generic MIDI kaoss style touch pad or multi-kaoss (any number of pad zones on the same page), MIDI keyboard interface, MIDI drum pad interface, generic vsti synth control (faders for cutoff, resonance, etc), and combination of those elements…(MIDI and mcu controls possibly won’t be usable at the same time due to host limitations)

no estimate on when it’ll be ready – i’m going to be moving house soon so that might slow me down a bit. but what’s there is working really well so far.

if anyone has gotten the beta working under leopard, can they let me know? cheers.

solo music package #2 – start waiting

i think this is #2, anyway. should start getting pretty interesting by #5 or so.

these date back to 2005-2006.

1: please wait
[audio:daniel arena – please wait.mp3]

2: keep starting (a collaboration w/ rachel holmshaw, cheers!)
[audio:daniel arena – keep starting.mp3]

3: scissors
[audio:daniel arena – scissors.mp3]

(i’ve given up on picking a catchy name to release this stuff under, i figure my actual one will do for the time being)

dsmcu (ds wireless mix controller) video clip

here is a short video of dsmcu in use

dsmcu is a wireless mix controller for reaper (and possibly other applications if they tolerate my abuse of the particular midi control spec i’m using).

click here for more info

(song download link HERE)

note: i haven’t had much of a chance to work on this lately and my ds is a bit sad, i’m only really posting this in the hope someone will donate a pink ds with a properly working touchscreen (black is also fine)