fun with lychees

band pic - go/no-go

get a nice big tin of lychees in syrup (this may possibly work with rambutans as well)

» cocktail #1:
all the lychee syrup
150mL stolichnaya or 42 below vodka (or whatever)
rose flavouring? i guess if you have some handy that could work.

throw it in a cocktail shaker; shake and serve in a martini glass (maybe with a tiny chunk of turkish delight?)

» cocktail #2:
all the remaining lychees
150mL vodka
lots of ice

blend until slushy and drink

One thought on “fun with lychees”

  1. that sounds lychee,. the turkish delight would put ir right over the sugar mountan threshold…, Got any with tequila,. that is my favorite.
    may I suggest ice tequila and bubbly water,. . twist of orange if it is at hand,. I suppose I dont likes the sugar so much,. . just the Mezcal for me!

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