4 thoughts on “bliptracker video clip”

  1. Got to be honest, when I first downloaded this I didn’t really get it. After watching your video I went back to it and realised it is a really cool app! The “theremin” is funky too 🙂

    Thanks for developing this.

  2. cheers! i might put a small update out in a while that changes the theremin range and adds a better way to select sample banks.

    and eventually i want to make both this and dsmcu fully skinnable, but there’s a lot of work to do to make that happen.

  3. Hi

    I’ve downloaded this great app. I can’t seem to get my own samples working though. They are 16-bit wav files. Only a few of them show up as yin-yang signs. Any idea why?

  4. they’ve got to be 16 bit mono – maybe they’re stereo files? also, the wav loader is a bit primitive so there might still be bugs in it.

    if you get stuck, send me the ones that are playing up as email (my email address is around here on this page somewhere)


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